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Stone countertop encyclopedia

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Which Stone Countertop is Most Affordable for A Kitchen?

We are renovating our kitchen and I want to have stone countertops. My husband insists they are very expensive so we should look for something else. Is there a stone material for the kitchen countertops that looks beautiful but is easy on the budget?

There is a variety or natural stone options for kitchen countertops, but, of course, your budget will be the main criteria in choosing the best one for your kitchen.

To me, they all look beautiful, be it marble, granite or slate, as long as they compliment and add to the look and feel of the kitchen, rather than distract and take all the attention to themselves.

Sometimes people put most of their kitchen renovation money on expensive stone countertops hoping to improve the look and value of the kitchen. However, you can easily achieve the opposite if your focus is just on the countertops.

To answer your question, you will have to compare specific suppliers and see which ones will offer you a better deal. Sometimes you can get lucky and pay less that the usual $50 to $100 per square foot for a natural stone countertop.

As each natural stone comes in literally thousands of color variations, you will have to take into consideration the bigger picture and choose the stone material that works well with all kitchen elements.

Usually, granite and marble are considered the most expensive, while slate can be (relatively) more affordable.

There is also the option of engineered stone, which has its own added benefits along with a slightly more affordable price tag. See if an engineered stone countertop can give you the look you want, but at a better price.

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