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china stone, Testimonials from our clients
Testimonials from our clients.

China Stones Inc. is stone producer for China stone, stone China, Chinese stone, China granite, China marble, China monument, China mosaic, China slate.

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Competing against another 30,000 Chinese stone companies and many stone suppliers in other countries, we fully understand the importance of providing each client with good quality products, excellent service, and real care for the customer's benefit. For without these qualities, our company would not be able to survive.
Customer satisfaction is our motto!
Most of our business is generated by referrals from previous contented customers and repeat clients. Please read below some of the comments from satisfied clients:

1.Client from USA - Carvings
Will gladly provide a reference for your company to other US customers if helpful .
We have received the angel in good condition. The angel is so VERY, VERY beautiful replica watches. Your artists did exceptional work. Thank you so much for all of your assistance. You are very professional and provide excellent customer service.
A very fine marble expert (European trained) looked at our angel. His comments were very favorable both regarding the quality (hardness) of the marble for the outside and the skill of the carvers. This is a very high compliment to you. Thank you again!
---------Libby Craft

2.Client from USA-Tiles
Your company is among the best I have seen in all aspect of the business, service, communications, quality and delivery. Many thanks personally to you and your staff for the effort you made in satisfying me as a customer. Your shipment came as expected and was delivered to my warehouse today and all the material seems to be well packed and labeled. You should be proud of your company and the quality of the products and services you have provided. I give you an excellent grade for this.
---------Ali Khan

3.Client from USA - Pavings in "French Ashlar" pattern
Thank you for making my purchase experience a pleasure! I have many years experience in the semiconductor industry so know that problems/delays often occur with shipments. The ownership your customer support people showed gives me the confidence that any issues would be dealt with in a timely and professional manner. From my experience customers don't judge you on the number of problems you have but on how you resolve them.
-------Phil Barnes

4. Client from United States – slabs
We like the quality and hope to discuss one more container and may be another cut-to-size project with you in near future. I will call you tomorrow to discuss cut-to-size and see if you can support it.
------- Bill Lamba

5.Client from Ukraine-Project
Thank you for your trouble. Hope it will help in the future to make more useful cooperation.
-------Elena Livshyts

6.Client from UK -- fireplaces
Product very good, after some initial problems getting the design right. Stone colour variation was a bit of a problem, but generally very good.
-------Will Statt

7.Client from Tanzania -- Project
The package is done almost perfectly because the goods can be traced easily with the numbers. The flexibility is also attractive because the customer’s requirement can be met.

8.Client from Tanzania -- national project
We have handed over the project already to the parliament. The opening ceremony was done very very big. It is the biggest opening event in the Tanzania history. Almost all the heads of government have attended. The president, vice president, prime minister and the retired two presidents and the all the ambassadors were there. It was a national event.
I will send you the pictures later.
This building will be the symbol of Tanzania like the Tian an men of China and the congress building of America. It is very good.

9.Client from South Africa -- counter tops
The 2 containers were unloaded today. I went personally to the harbour to get a first impression. Congratulations -- it appears that we can expect good quality once we unpacked the crates (only next week) I liked the way the crates were strong ( remember that the only reason why we single stack a container is that we had so much damage due to poor crating with many other Chinese companies ). I had a peek at the strips and the polish of the edges and it looked good too. I shall give you a detailed report once all crates are unpacked. Keep up the good work!
(second email, one week later.)
We have unpacked all crates and we are happy with the job done.
--------Gerhard Stotzel

10.Client from Switzerland-- Tiles & Steps,etc.
We would like to do business with you, when we will have in future requirements. On this place we thank you for your contribution to our good work.
--------Heidi Buholzer

11.Client from New Zealand -- Tiles
I have received the goods in excellent condition and the quality is very high. I have enjoyed dealing with you and would recommend you and your company to anyone who may need your products. The Ministry of Agriculture agent who inspected the container said that yours was the cleanest container he had ever seen come out of China and that if all containers were that good he would be very happy.
-------Angus Robson

12.Client from Norway -- Pavings,kerbs,etc.
Cut and flamed granite and picked granite are good (very good).
--------Yngvar Oddenes

13.Client from Ireland -- Pier Caps, bench, carvings, counter tops, etc.
I have to congratulate you on the wonderful creation you have made in the black seat. My wife and I are very excited and delighted on the beautiful creation. The lettering “Skylark Hill” is equally fantastic and exactly what is required. Thank you.
--------Johny Janssens

14.Client from Guatemala -- counter tops
We received our first shipment from you TODAY! It was unloaded at the GYT tower 1. I am proud to say that you delivered exactly what you promised.
We are very excited to develop further commercial relationship with you.
---------Javier Calvo

15.Client from Germany -- Carvings
The very good communication and the reliability.
--------Michael Penz

16.Client from Czech Republic -- Project
Just to inform that first container is already at site and my customer is satisfied! I really appreciated your efforts and your service for this supply!
--------Yossi Zimbris

17.Client from Cyprus -- pool copings
CHINA ( FUJIAN) STONES INC. produced and delivered what I have asked for .
---------D Kounoupiotis

18.Client from Canada -- Inventory products
For you information, out of the 2000 golf tees and markers received, they found only 15 that were totally wrong; such as 285 instead of 258, or 169 instead of 196. That is 3/4 of 1%, which is very good.
---------D. Kennedy

19.Client from Canada -- national project
The project was a phenomenal success! There is no website yet but it was covered by almost all the national papers. (of Sept.18,2006)
-------- Dave Kennedy

20.Client from Costa Rita – Project
I really appreciate your help, patience and understanding throughout all this, and am in contact with the logistics group to see how we can reimburse you for this latest trouble.
We are starting a new project here in the next couple of weeks, which is in very early architectural stages at this time. We will aim to include a variety of stone surfaces into the design of this project, both interior and exterior, and hope that you will be able to help us with this when we get to that stage.
-------- Dirk Stubenrauch

21.Client from Belgium -- Project
Quality is good, price is good.
-------- Michel Cambron

22.Client from Australia – Project
Attached are photo’s of the building we did with your Padang Dark granite. We get many compliments on this building.
Thank you for your help with this.
-------- Andrew Doven

23.Client from Australia – Project
It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of Fujian Stone for the supply of granite pavers on the Sydney Light Rail.
Between 2016 and 2018, they have successfully produced over 160 containers of granite paving, kerb, tactile, etc… for the Project. Production and Quality were closely monitored and managed to assure timely deliveries.
------Thomas Roubinet

Specialist Manufacturer of Stone Products for Projects.
Address: 24F, East Block of Fortune Bldg. No. 338, Hualin Rd. Fuzhou,FUJIAN province, China
Tel: 0086-591-87601540 Fax: 0086-591-87530384

website: Skype Me: gao-rong

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