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We carry over thousands of various stones, we can find the same or similar stones for you promptly. We own the patent of finding stone with image comparison (no stone name required). Please contact us for your stone matching and best offer.
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China Stones Inc. manufactures granite and marble for granite countertops, granite tile, granite slabs, granite kitchen, stone granite, granite table.

China is a country rich in granite resources, 2/3 of her land is mountain. Fujian province is the largest area manufacturing granite in China. China (Fujian) Stones Inc. has been manufacture granite, export granite,replica watches import granite since 1998. China Stones supply 600+ various granites, which can make granite countertops (granite countertop, granite counter, granite tops, granite counter tops).

Granite is massive, hard and tough, granite can be made as granite tile, granite slabs, granite sink, granite paving, granite wall stone, granite lintel, granite quoin, granite windowsill, granite window sill, granite cill, granite column, granite baluster, granite pier cap, granite pedestal, granite step and riser, granite staircase, granite tread, granite coping, granite bench, granite table, granite fireplace, granite sculpture, granite kerb, granite memorials, granite tombstone, granite monument, granite honeycomb panel, granite water-jet floor, etc.

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granite countertops, granite Bala Flower granite tile, granite Marpin White granite slabs, granite White Galaxy granite countertop, granite White Pearl
Bala Flower Marpin White White Galaxy White Pearl
granite counter, granite Spoondrift White granite tops, granite Luna Pearl granite vanity top, G614 granite sink, granite Padeng Grey
Spoondrift White  Luna Pearl G614 Padeng Grey
granite paving, granite Black & White granite wall stone, Padeng Dark granite lintel, G655 granite quoin stone, Antique Bitu Gray
Black & White Padeng Dark G655 Antique Bitu Gray
granite windowsill, granite G343 granite, G439 granite window sill, granite Fuding Black granite cill, granite Galaxy Black
G343 G439 Fuding Black Galaxy Black
granite countertops, granite Mongolia Black granite countertop, granite Absolute Black, granite shanxi black granite column, granite G606 granite baluster, granite Almond Mauve
Mongolia Black  Absolute Black G606 Almond Mauve
granite pier cap, granite Xm Pink granite coping, granite St.Andrew Grey granite bench, granite China Rose granite table, granite Sesame Pink
Xm Pink
St.Andrew Grey China Rose Sesame Pink
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Specialist Manufacturer of Stone Products for Projects.
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Tel: 0086-591-87601540 Fax: 0086-591-87530384

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