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We carry over thousands of various stones, we can find the same or similar stones for you promptly. We own the patent of finding stone with image comparison (no stone name required). Please contact us for your stone matching and best offer.
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Please find below a list of 710 natural stones in stock on which we can give an immediate quote.
Click “Edit” on the IE tool bar, then click “Find on the page”, then enter the stone name you are looking for, and then contact us with your detailed inquiry for our best offer.
Click “Control” and letter “F” keys at the same time. This gives a 'Search Box'. Enter the stone name for details. Then, contact us with your detailed inquiry for our best offer.

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Absolute Black Absolute White Ancient Wood Veins Acqua Marina
Africa Red Agate Red Aktas White Almond Mauve
Amarello Gold Amarello Real Amarillo Oro Amasa Beige
Ameretto  Amarito American Red Angel Cream Angola Black
Angola Gray Anhai White Antique Bitu Gray Antique Brown
Antique Gold Arabescato Faniello Ariston White Arya Marfil
Ash Rose Asia Beige Astra Aswan Red
Athens Beige Athens Gray    
Bala Flower Baldwin Green Baldwin Green B
Baltic Brown
Bardiglio Bluette Barre Grey Barry Black Basalt Zangpu
Basalt Zangpu Bathel White Bawang Flower Bd-Qing
Beige  Sandstone Butterfly Green Beige Travertine Bella
Bethel White Bianco Botticino

Bianco P.Smeralda

Bianco Perlino
Bianco Royal Bianco Statuario Venato Bianco Tapajo Bianco Teseo
Bianco Venato Biancone A Biancone B Biancone D
Biancone E Black Changtai Black Crystal Black Crystal
Black Crystal Black Fengzhen Black Galaxy Black Golden Flower
Black Ice Dapple Black Jade Black Jinan Black Markina
Black of Feng Town Black Peach Wood Black Sandal Wood Black Wood Vein
Black-White Stripe Blossom of Mengshan Blossom of Mengshan  Blue Antique
Blue Diamond Grain Blue Pearl Blue Sky And White Clouds Blue Steel
Bosy Grey Botticino Botticino Classico Botticino Classico China
Botticino Fiorito Brazil Gold Breccia Oniciata Brown pearl
Brown Travertine Bundela Red Bursa Beige Butterfly Blue
Bahama Blue Bahama Blue B    
Caesar White Caesar White Marble Cuihua Beige Cuckoo Red
Cafe Bahia A Cafe Imperial Cafe Imperiale Cafe Imperiale
Calacatta Gold Calacatta Royal Caledonia California Red Dragon
Camal Beige Camellia Pink Camellia White Candeias Green
Candia Cappuccino Cardiff Grey Carioco Gold
Carmen Red Carraba Granite Cenxi Red Champagne Grain
Chardin Red  China Black Diamond China Green  China Grey
China Juparana China Red China Saint Louis China Tropical Brown
Chrysanthemum Yellow Chrysanthemum Yellow Churchill Red Cinderella
Classic Brown Classic Cream Cloudy Grey Cloudy Rosa
Coffee of Yixing  Coffee Stone 9 Colombo Japarana Colonial Gold
Colored Green Colored Red Hemp of Guangning  Colorful Cloud Flying Coloured Grey
Copper Canyon Cream Dongtai Cream Jade Guangdong Cream Marfil
Cream Pearl-Turkey Cream Rock Cream Violet Crema Azul Bahia
Crema Imperiale-Croatia Crema Luna Crema Nacar Crema Nova
Crema Valencia Cremo Marfic-Ivory Cresciano Crystal Brown
Crystal Light Emperador Crystal White    
Dakota Mahogany Dakota Mahogany Dallas White Dandong Green
Danyang Red Dark Blue Star of Guangning  Dark Emperador Dark Green
Dark Green of Nine Palaces Tongshan  Dark Green Slate of Xiayun Ridge  Dark Jade of Shengzhou  Desert Gold
Diamond of Platinum Diano Real Dujuan Red  
East White Egeo Rose Egyptian Yellow Emerald Pearl
Emperador Light      
Fantastic Black Favorita Beige Filetto Rosso France Black
France White Frog Skin Fugui Green Furong Green
G1152 G1305  G3307  G343
G343 G3519 G352 G3528 (G628)
G354 G3566  G3576 G3578 
G361 G367 G3709 G383
G386 G391 G399 G5119 
G5123 G5130  G5147  G5149
G602 G606 G614 G6202
G623 G635 G639  G641
G641 G648 G6503 G654
G656 G664 G668 G672
G681 G683 G687 G689
G696 Galala Beige Galaxy Black Galaxy Grey Grain
Galaxy Star Gardenia White Gen Red Giallo Brazil
Giallo Calafuria Giallo Cecilia Giallo Fatima Giallo Fiorito
Giallo G3 Giallo India Giallo Napolean Giallo Ornamental
Giallo Princesa Giallo Platinum Giallo Reale Giallo Royal Tafu
Giallo S.F. Real Giallo Santa Cecilia Giallo Siena Giallo Topazio
Giallo Triana Giallo Veneziano China Giallo Vermont Gili White
Glacier Hemp Glittery White Golden Shell Glory Purple
Gold Coast Gold Flower Gold Marble Light  Gold Mocca
Golden Beige Golden Grain Shandong Golden Hemp Stone Golden King
Golden Leaf Golden Shell Golden Silk Golden Silk White
Golden Silk White Linen Golden Sliced Cream-Colored of Guizhou Golden Sun Golden Travertine
Grainy Travertine Gray Ice Gray of Lao Mountain Greece Grey
Green Butterfly Green Butterfly B Green Champagne Green Fuping
Green Grit Slate Green Ice-Cream of Yixing  Green Jade Green Jiangxi
Green Marience  Green of Heaven Mountain Green Onyx Green Pine
Green Qingcheng  Green White Stone of Fangshan Gregio Scoro Grey Crystal
Grey Serpeggianto  Grey Stripe Pink Grey White Fangshan  Gris Perla
Guangning Red Guangxi White Gui Cream Guilin Red
Guizhou Yellow Giallo Platinum    
Hainan Grey Hainan Black Hainan Vel  Halaed White
Hang Grey Han's White Jade of Gao  Han's White Jade of Shiwo, Fangshan  Hassan Green
Hebei Black Hubei Red Hui'an Red Pock Hui'an White
Huibing Hua Huidong Red    
Ice Blue Ice Cream Ice Flower Cream Ice Flower White
Ice Green Iceland Beige Imperial Black Imperial Gold
Imperial Gray Imperial Pearl Imperial White India Black Pearl
India Blue India Green Marience India Red India Red (Small)
Indian Black Indian Black A Indian Mahogany Iran Red
Italy Grey,Silver Grey      
Jacaranda Cobra Jade Blue Jin Xiang Yu Jumbo Gold
Juparana California Giallo Juparana Classico Juparana Columbo Jurassic Pink
K2-Indian Impala Black  Kaka Brown Kangbao Red Kangxi Green
Karelia Red Kuru Gray Kashmir Gold Kashmir White
Kokaso Red K-Beige Caramella Kinawa Kiwi Green
Labrador  Labrador Antique Labrador Pearl Black Lace Black Diamond
Laishi Beige Laizhou Green Laizhou Hua Laizhou Red
Laizhou White Camellia Laurent Red Lava Green Lavender Blue
Laizhou White Leaf Green Lemon Green Leopard Skin
Leopard Skin Tianshan Leopard's Eyes of Yuexi  Lianjiang Flower Light Emperador
Lilla Gerais Lioz Montemor Lisa Beige Lllusion Rose
Lmabrian Black Longtian White Lord Gold Lotus Green
Lotus Green of Cili  Lotus Green of Tongshan  Lotus Huarong   
M5106 Macarena Gold Madam White Mangshan Red Yizhang
Maple Red Marina Pearl Marpin White Marron Bahia
Marron Guaiba Mary Green  Milk Way Grey Mimosa
Mongolia Black Moon White Mountain White Multicolor Green
Multicolor Red Multicolor Red China Multicolor Cloud Mystic Mauve
Najran Red Nanjiang Landscape Green Neicuo White  New An Qimi Yellow
New Rosso Lepanto New Yellow Night Rose Night Snow
Nine Dragon Wall Ningcheng Red Nizwz K3  
Oasis Oasis 2 Ocean Blue Ocean Sapphire
Olive Green Olympic Blue Olympic Red Grain Ontario White
Opal Beige Oracle Orient Beige Oriental Cherry of Shengzhou 
Oriental Cherry Red Oriental Cherry Red of Laizhou  Oriental Classico W Oriental Dream
Oriental White Orion Blue Orissa Blue Orissa Green
Orthia Osman Ouro Gaucho Oyster Pearl
Oyster Silver      
Panxi Blue Paradiso Bash Paradiso Blue Paradiso Dark
Parana Tropical Peach Pearl Peacock Green Pearl Blossom of Baoxing 
Pearl Gray Pearl Red Pearl White Pearly Yellow
Peppermint Perlato Europa Phoenix White Pine Green
Pink Crystal Pink linen Pink Porrino Pink Rose
Pink Travertine Poland Ash Polar White Porkkala Red
Port Laurent Portoro Gold Princess Red Pure Black
Pure White of Jinjiang  Purple Dot Yellow Grain Purple Galaxy Purple Gold Grain
Purple Sandalwood Purple Sandstone Purple Spot Blue Diamond Purple Spot Green Diamond
Purple Spot Rose      
Qilu Red, G3754 Quartzite Rosa Quarzite Rosa Diamante Queen Rose
Quimbra Quyang Grust Stone    
Rain Forest Brown Rain Forest Green Rainbow Rose  Raw Silk  
Regal Beige Red Cream Red East of Shengzhou  Red Ice-Crean of Yixing
Red Jieyang Red of Golden Diamond  Red of Heaven Mountain   Red of Ju'nan 
Red of Sanhe  Red Sandstone (Wood Stripe) Red Wooden Romantrc Fellow
Rosa Fantasy Rosa Norwegian Rosa Stresa Rose White
Rosin Jade Rosso Antico Rosso Lepanto Rosso Marfil
Rosso Santiago Royal Batticino Royal Blue Royal Golden Sandalwood
Royal Grey Royal Perlato Svevo Ruby Ruby Star 
Russia White Grain Russian Ragazza Rusty River Rusty Slate
Rusty Yellow      
Sahara Beige  Salisbury Pink Sambao Pink Samantha Blue
San Louis  Sanbao Red Santa Cecilia Classic Santa Red
Sapphire Brown Sapphire Blue  Sarrhire Bice Scuru
Seattle Serpeggiante Serpeggianto Italy Serpeggianto
Sesame Black Sesame Grey Sesame Pink Seven Colour Gen
Shandong White Pearl Shanxi Black Shayarn Cream Shell Beige A
Sichuan Red Silver Flower Beige Silver Grain Silver Sea Green
Silver Spot White Grain Silver Wave Silver-Gold White Sino Emperador
SJ Green Snow Fox Snow Plum Sofia Beige
Soft Yellow Solar Grey South Africa Black Spanish Gold
Spary White Spring Garden Sunny Yellow Sunset Glow
Swan White  Syan Red Cream     
Taiwan Cyan Taiwan Garish Green  Taiwan Red Tan Brown
Tea Rose Terracotta Pink Tianshan Sapphire Tiger Red
Tiger Skin White Tiger Skin Yellow Tiger Skin Yellow Tongan Red
Tonglei Red Tropic Brown Turkey Grey  
V  Grey Variegated Leopard Skin of Miyi, Leopard Skin Miyi  Variegated Leopard Skin of Wulian  Vede Maritaca
Verde Affait (Light) Verde Amazonia Verde Bahia  Verde Bahia B
Verde Fiorito Verde Fontaine Verde Forest Verde ForestC
Verde Jade Verde San Denise Verdant & Red Cream Verdant Red
Viamao Violet of Luoyuan Violetta Vizag Blue
Vnicom Brown Volakas White Volga Blue Vyara
Wave White Weihai White Grain Wendeng Grey Wenshan White Jade
White Begonia White Carrera White Cavity-Stone White Cream
White Crystal White Diamond Grain White Galaxy White Grain Fujian
White Grain Huian White Jade White of Qing Mountain  White Onyx
White Rongcheng White Sandstone White Sivec  Winston White 
Wooden Creamed-Colored of Guizhou  Wood-Grain Grey Wood-Grain White Wood Vein
Wulian Gray Wulian Grey Wulian Red Wuyi Red
Xili Red Xili RedB Xinjueshi White Xinyashi White
Yanshan Green  Yanshan Green B Yashi Cream Yellow Damara
Yellow Gray Wood Yellow Ice Yellow Jade Yellow Limestone
Yellow Travertine Yellow Wood Yellow Wood Sandstone Yimeng Black
Yingshan Red Yongfu Red Yunnan Cream  
Zeta Brown Zhangqiu Black Zhonghua Green Zimbabwe Black
Zonghe Ma      

Specialist Manufacturer of Stone Products for Projects.
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