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China Stones Inc. supply countertop, cabinet , counter top, kitchen countertop, granite countertop, marble countertop with various colors & textures.

China Stones Inc. is an experienced manufacturer for high quality countertop in competitive prices. Hotel project, apartment project and even private resident order for countertop, kitchen countertop, work top, worktop, bench top, vanity top, counter top, countertop back splash, island countertop, granite countertop, marble countertop, slate countertop,etc. are accepted. Natural stone is an excellent material for countertops.

Granite countertop, such as absolute black countertop, Shanxi black countertop, India black countertop, galaxy star countertop, galaxy black countertop, sapphire blue countertop, blue pearl countertop, maple red countertop, antique gold countertop, tan brown countertop, sesame black countertop, rustic yellow countertop are popular. Marble countertop, such as white marble countertop, white cream countertop, acqua marina countertop, Spanish gold countertop, crystal white countertop, Egyptian yellow countertop, classic cream countertop, imperial black countertop, dark emperador countertop, emperador light countertop e, golden beige countertop, light emperador countertop, cream marfil countertop, Caesar white countertop, etc. are also welcome in market.

countertop, countertops
Kitchen Countertops
"Natural stone is an excellent material for countertops,hello rolex durable and robust with a cool surface, making it ideal for food preparation. We can supply a wide variety of colors and textures are available, and most come in a polished or matte finish. All surfaces except polished granite should be sealed (most are supplied pre-sealed from the factory) and wiping with a damp cloth is all the maintenance required."

Kitchen Cabinet
Besides countertops and vanity tops, China (Fujian) Stone Inc. is proud to manufacture and sell our line of impeccably crafted cabinets, which are of world-class quality at a reasonable price. Using environmentally-friendly materials that meet European E1 or E0 standards, we offer high-gloss lacquered fronts as well as those made of solid wood, veneer, HPL/CPL, and PM. In addition, we use fittings from the Austrian maker, Blum, in all cabinets, further enhancing our superb workmanship. More and more satisfied customers around the world are using our cabinets, thanks to our competitive pricing and superior quality. For a level of sophistication second to none, match these exceptional cabinets with one of our beautiful, high-performance kitchen countertops. Look to China Stone for excellent value when it comes to creating attractive, functional kitchens.


Specialist Manufacturer of Stone Products for Projects.
Address: 24F, East Block of Fortune Bldg. No. 338, Hualin Rd. Fuzhou,FUJIAN province, China
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