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Granite countertop, granite counter
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Granite countertop, granite counter

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China Stones Inc. supply granite countertops, granite countertop, countertop color, granite counter in Santa Cecilia, black galaxy, blue pearl, tan brown.

Santa Cecilia countertop, Blue Pearl countertop, Tan Brown countertop, Baltic Brown countertop, Black Galaxy countertop, Giallo Fiorito countertop, Kashmir White countertop, Kashmir Gold countertop, Emerald Pearl countertop, are the most popular countertop colors.

Black Galaxy granite is a Black Gabro with metal stars. This Granite is originated in Ongole in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh. This is a very hard stone and this hardness places it in the category of Granites. (Abstracted from Google Wikipedia)

Kashmir White Granite is a white base granite with brown and black dots. These dots are called granuels and present in ever single piece of Kashmir White Granite. This natural stone is not a hundred percent granite technically but in commercial use, this is called Granite. Quarries of Kashmir White Granite are located in India's Tamilnadu state. (Abstracted from Google Wikipedia)

Chinese Granite
Granite countertop, Dayang red G664
granite countertop, Sesame Black G654
granite coutertop, spoondrift white G002
Dayang Red G664
Sesame Black G654
Spoondrift White G002
granite countertop, China Green granite countertop, China Juparana granite countertop, Green Butterfly
China Green
China Juparana
Green Butterfly
granite countertop, Maple Red granite countertop, Red of Heaven Mountain granite countertop, Rustic Yellow
Maple Red
Red of Heaven Mountain
Rustic Yellow
granite countertop, Shanxi Black granite countertop, Tiger Skin White granite countertop, Xili Red
Shanxi Black
Tiger Skin White
Xili Red
Foreign Granite
granite countertop, Imperial Gold
granite countertop, Baltic Brown
granite countertop, Black Galaxy
Imperial Gold
Baltic Brown
Black Galaxy
Granite countertop, Green Butterfly Granite countertop, Giallo Fiorito Granite countertop, Kashmir White
Green Butterfly
Giallo Fiorito
Kashmir White
Granite countertop, Kashmir Gold Granite countertop, Blue Pearl Granite countertop, Emerald Pearl
Kashmir Gold
Blue Pearl
Emerald Pearl
Granite countertop, Verde Bahia Granite countertop, Tan Brown Granite countertop, Santa Cecilia Classic
Verde Bahia
Tan Brown
Santa Cecilia Classic
All the stones are natural products, and are subject to variations in color and markings.

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