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Monument, tombstone, gravestone, headstone, stone monument
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stone monument, free sample stone
Tile Slab Countertop Vanity Sink Walling Lintel Quoin
Sill Doorcase Column Baluster Pier cap Pedestal Step & Riser Staircase
Tread Coping Bench Table Fireplace Sculpture Paving Kerbstone
Roof stone Monument Mosaic Honeycomb panel 1mm thin slab Waterjet floor stone for food Whisky stone

China Stones Inc. manufactures monument, tombstone, gravestone, headstone, stone monument, headstones and monuments, tombstone monument, grave tombstone.

monument, tombstone, gravestone, headstone, stone monument

headstones and monuments, tombstone monument

grave tombstone, headstone and monument

China Stones Inc. supply high quality granite monument and marble monuments of the following types: (The following moments types are abstracted from Wikipedia.)

"Types of monuments

  • Buildings designed as iconic landmarks
  • Church monuments to commemorate the dead, above or near their grave, often featuring an effigy
  • Cenotaphs and memorials to commemorate the dead, usually war casualties - e.g. Vimy Ridge Memorial and India Gate. A cenotaph is a type of monument intended to honor the dead who are buried elsewhere, such as those killed in a war or disaster.
  • Grave stones constitute small monuments to the deceased
  • Mausoleums and tombs to inter the dead - e.g. the Great Pyramid of Giza and Taj Mahal
  • Monoliths erected for religious or commemorative purposes
  • Mosque monuments are places of worship that usually feature highly skilled calligraphy and geometric artwork.
  • Statues of famous individuals or symbols - e.g. Statue of Liberty
  • Temples or religious structures built for pilgrimage, ritual or commemorative purposes - e.g. Borobudur, Kaaba
  • Terminating vista, layout design for urban monuments
  • Triumphal arches, almost always to commemorate military successes - e.g. the Arc de Triomphe
  • War memorials"


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